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The road trip

I just returned from getting my son from college. It was a good trip. I took my dad with me so he could ride back with my son as a companion. My dad is 83.

Dad and I have made this trip before. Some remarkable and some not. Each time I learn something about him I did not know. It is a eight hour trip after all.

During this trip I learned about things he misses (an old college roommate), how he did not put his parents on a pedestal, and the importance of relationships in his life.

The relationship discussion is one that I would not have had 15 years ago. For whatever reason I never made the connection of how important they are. Not for career growth per se, although that is important. No, I have found that as I get older, I need other connections beyond my nuclear family and marriage.

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On The Words of Focus Project

Now THIS has been an interesting day.

I woke up feeling kinda depressed. Nothing major, just a bit of kickback from a thing that happened yesterday.

I finally got myself to a cafe around noon, dove into a little enclave that feels perfect for hustle, and wrote Lorenzo's about page copy four 1.5 hours.

Then lunch and Hubud where, among other things, I send out a bunch of emails, pitched a new copywriting client, and went to the bitcoin meetup.

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