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Weather and planning

On Non linear life

We had some pretty nasty weather yesterday in NC. A minor disruption - power outages, school closing, icy roads. Small stuff really.

This made me reflect though on how an earlier version of me would have reacted.

Growing up I was influenced by planned parents, especially dad. Something like yesterday would have disrupted my plans and the day would be shot.

I observed a change in my dad at about the age I am now. He was less into rigid planning and more into letting things and events flow. He even started talking in those terms.

What I have realized is that I have a much more clear picture of what I like and where I want to spend my time. This makes going with the flow much easier.

How do I write so much, you ask? Well, glad you asked -


A few of my friends - three friends, to be exact - mentioned to me that I write a heck of a lot on here and they're impressed. I have convinced the ultra-smart Sami Baqai to start blogging, and he just got the holy-shit-this-is-hard-I'm-overwhelmed feeling. Ah, yes, I have been there Sami. Perhaps I can share some thoughts.

First and foremost, I am a huge devotee of the Equal-Odds Rule. As far as I know, I'm the only person talking about it outside of academia. This Amazon review covers it pretty well:

The equal-odds rule says that the average publication of any particular scientist does not have any statistically different chance of having more of an impact than any other scientist's average publication. In other words, those scientists who create publications with the most impact, also create publications with the least impact, and when great publications that make a huge impact are created, it is just a result of "trying" enough times. This is an indication that chance plays a larger role in scientific creativity than previously theorized.

So I read that, and I'm like - whoa. You know Neo in the Matrix? Whoa.

If you want to make excellent stuff, you need to make a lot of stuff.

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