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Two weeks and no enlightenment, but on the whole okay

A few weeks back I was gifted on the anniversary of my birth, a book called "Designing your Life".The approach of the book is one of a designer - try things, fail, be curious, try something else, etc. Around the same time I was scheduled to take off some time from work. Uh oh. Now I had time and a guide to designing my life. Dangerous as people who know me would tell you.

So what happened? I dove into the book the first week. Reading it while I was waiting for car repairs and other time dependent appointments or errands. It is a good book. I had to pause at the section about identifying high v. Low energy activities at work since I wasn't there. But I did have ample time to visit with others and reflect. One of the exercises in the book had me create a "how are you" dashboard. It consists of four life areas.

Here it is. Mine came out as mostly full (indicated on the right), but I also have work to do in the play and health areas.

Some actions

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