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Eight lives

Recently my dad made the comment that he had taken his life and reflected on it by decades. He is in his eighties, so for him it was his eight lives.

It was an interesting way to look back. As he described it, I was also taken back in time.

There were very distinct breaks in his eight lives. Childhood, upper school and college, marriage, job and raising kids, retirement.

For him these were mile markers. It jumped started my thinking about this as I see my own life unfold.

Looking Back, 2012: 5 Things that were Amazing and 3 Things that were Not

On Ideas

I don't believe in New Years resolutions or any of that mumbojumbo, arbitrary dates. Frankly I hate New Years parties; they are loud, obnoxious and really pointless. Anyways, one of my favorite bloggers, Sean Ogle, recently wrote a post about what he did right and what he did wrong in the past year as a means of looking back.

I decided I should do the same thing. And thus, without further ado, what I think I did right in and the things I did 2012.

1. I ate a ton of good food. This past year I had some of the most amazing food experiences I can think of. I had amazing seafood in Madrid, out of this world innovative cuisine at countless New American/Gastropubbish restaurants in NYC and explored various high-end farmers markets and pastry shops. Furthermore, this year I managed to get tons of my friends into the knack of finding and appreciating good food. Overall this past year has been one of the most amazing years I've ever had for food, and I doubt I will be able to repeat it since I now live far away from NYC. Regardless, my respect of high-quality food is an all time high it is one of those things that I think having everyday makes one very happy.

2. I wrote a lot more and got more serious. For the majority of last year I was in a half daze, I played video games, Spent a lot of time redditing or doing stupid shit with my time. Of course I would still read, practice some languages or occasionally update my blog, but I wasn't serious enough. Then around august or September I decided to get serious. It finally clicked for me that Video games  where being a huge waste of my time, and that honestly, I had already had my fair share. I also realized that social distractions like reddit, facebook, constant texting/messaging and reacting to everything people said (if you live in a house with others) was being a detriment to my success. Thus I significantly cut down my time on reddit and reacting to everything; facebook and texting still remained constant until around late November  and at the moment I literally only check for notifications. I started writing a lot more just to get in the habit of it. I also started researching how I could make money online and read almost twice as many books in 3 months as I did the past 9 months.

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