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When it comes to fun things to do, my sister-in-law has a knack for ideas. Back in 2006 she hatched the "let's go to Italy" plan.

It would be my wife, me, my SIL, and her husband. No kids (we had some, they did not). We would take off in the summer and stay a solid week touring part of Italy. I have no idea why this place was chosen.

At first it was just an idea that was thrown about like some kind of wishful thinking. Then I realized my SIL was serious. Plus my wife did not discount the idea, which meant we were all but there already.

The interesting part is that between me and my SIL, I think we planned the whole thing. I doubt that was really there case, but I will swear by it.

Being around the water

On The 4 Hour Struggle

A short story excerpt from Hollywood Animal: A Memoir by Joe Eszterhas.

The Pool Man

Henry took care of our swimming pool at the Malibu Colony. He was sixty-nine years old and lived in the Valley: I knew all the big stars when I was about seventeen, eighteen. Cary Grant came into the house once and the first thing he said was, “It’s very nice to see you, Henry.”

He was really looking at me. I was a good-looking kid. They’d all come to the house to see my dad. He was at Paramount then. He’d been at RKO before then and later on went to Columbia. I went to Beverly Hills High School where I was a really shitty student.

I spent all my time in the pool at home and we also had a place out in Malibu so whenever I wasn’t in the pool I was out at the beach, riding the waves and getting a tan. Man, I had a great tan but that wasn’t what I really cared about.

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