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Haircuts, life achievement and success

I could cut my own hair. In reality it is just a buzz cut. I do like the high and tight look that many of the military personnel have. That is a look I cannot achieve myself without really butchering it.

For the high and tight look, I go to a local barber. The shop has been there since I was a kid and the barber is the son of the original proprietor.

At some point during my haircut we started talking about the movie "American Sniper". This movie inspires some and disturbs others. I have not seen the movie and doubt I will given my track record on taking time to go to movies.

What struck me about the conversation was the remark my barber made about his perception of his own life after seeing the movie. The movie moved him and was inspirational to him.

"Practical, Action-Oriented Contentment and Compassion" by Leo Babauta


Leo Babauta has inspired millions through his writing on Zen Habits, where he's shared his experiences in building up great habits, cutting clutter and junkfood from his life, learning about great parenting and building a wonderful family, eliminating debt, increasing his income and productivity, and living a life that's more happy through and through.

Leo is now graciously participating in GiveGetWin with a practical class on "action-oriented contentment", and he sat down with Sebastian Marshall to share his thoughts on what motivates him, around what contentment is, on trusting yourself, on being compassionate and compassion as an impetus for action, on self-compassion and treating yourself well, and happiness in general. Enjoy:

"Practical, Action-Oriented Contentment and Compassion" by Leo Babauta, as told to Sebastian Marshall

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