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Haircuts, life achievement and success

I could cut my own hair. In reality it is just a buzz cut. I do like the high and tight look that many of the military personnel have. That is a look I cannot achieve myself without really butchering it.

For the high and tight look, I go to a local barber. The shop has been there since I was a kid and the barber is the son of the original proprietor.

At some point during my haircut we started talking about the movie "American Sniper". This movie inspires some and disturbs others. I have not seen the movie and doubt I will given my track record on taking time to go to movies.

What struck me about the conversation was the remark my barber made about his perception of his own life after seeing the movie. The movie moved him and was inspirational to him.

Suing the Shelter?

On Getting Real

Keep in Mind, all posts are stream of conscious entries with little or no editing or rewrites. There's my disclaimer.

It's been several days since my last post and the little writer within is pissed off at me for not letting her out to play, even for the ten minutes I spend to type up one of these babies. I have to explain to her, and to any of you who wondered what happened to that commitment I declared last post, that I would have loved to have been dancing on a keyboard with my fingertips, but I was too busy washing every bloomin' thing in my house: Every. Damned. Day.

Every morning after seeing my daughter off to school, I come back home, strip the house of fabric and either stuff it in the washer, bleach it or steam the hell out of it. If you're just dropping in then you don't know that we recently rescued a dog from the pound who had demodex and sarcoptic mange that he passed along to me and my family. Yay!

So there hasn't been any time to write, other than a few strongly worded emails laced with the subtle threat of litigation to the Boulder County Humane Shelter, though I know they are just trying to save as many dogs as they can and in their haste, a sick pup makes it through the system and into some unsuspecting families home, turning the joy and excitement of bringing home a new best friend, into a nightmare.

There are good things that have come from this experience, I suppose, as all hard experiences are laced with gifts, though we don't often recognize them. In our case, we discovered that we're not really ready for a pet. Not ready, and possibly never will be ready. My five-year-old may have been scarred for life against dog ownership, though she is eager to try a cat next. It's the independence thing. I love, love, love dogs. But when it comes down to it, I guess I'm more of a cat person, though I didn't know it til just this week.

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