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Peeling eggs

Recently I have started eating boiled eggs for breakfast. To be precise, boiled chicken eggs (according to Fitbit). They are filling and lean. A good match for me as I look for better ways to eat. An interesting side benefit is they are teaching me. Yes I am being schooled by boiled eggs. As you are aware, peeling a boiled egg can be a challenge. Each is unique in the way that they are either easy to peel or they present a workout for your patience. I typically fall into the impatient camp.

When peeling eggs you have to make a deliberate decision. How patient will I be with getting all the shell to come off? You see each peels differently. Some almost peel off as one shell. Others you end up sitting for what seems like an eternity peeling off small pieces. Similar to eating crabs from the Chesapeake, but that is a different story.

Patience is not an inherent strength of mine. I want action, precision, and flawless execution. A formula for disaster when peeling eggs. I have been know to mush an egg in my hand after being so frustrated with the peeling process. They all should peel quickly and flawlessly right? Oiy!

I have noticed progress in this area. I get in the right mind set. I give myself plenty of time so I don't feel rushed. I set the expectation that I might be in this for the long haul. I expect problems. I focus on the end and not the process itself. The goal: a fully peeled egg with no shells to crunch on (although calcium is a positive benefit).

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