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Moving and memories

We have been packing for a move. Anyone who has done this can relate. If you have not, resist if you can. Many complexities, stress, etc.

Last night I was packing items from our dining room. In one of the furniture pieces I found photos. As I sorted through them quickly I ran across a picture of my second son in second grade. He was smiling and holding a clock face with small, chubby hands and had mouse ears on his head.

Each year the second grade classes would have a day where they dressed as nursery rhymes and lined the halls of their classes. They would have a paper button on the floor and you could walk up and push it with your foot to activate the rhyme. He was a mouse from "hickory, dickory dock".

So many thoughts came flooding through. I was packing the house that he had always known. He has lived no other place in his life.

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