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Graduation expectation

This time of year inevitably generates the question to new grads "what are you going to do after graduation?". Which is another way of saying "what are you going to do with the rest of your life?". Some grads seem to have it mapped out already in terms of career path. They are engineers, computer scientists, doctors, etc. They have vocational types of degrees. They are admired on some level for having their stuff together. That's great. Good for them.

That is also not how a lot a grads and people in general make their way through life, and that is ok also.

It was very common, back in the day, to hear people remark that despite your major, you probably would not get a job in your major. Most of those comments were toward the traditional liberal arts majors. And that made sense. They are not vocational majors. They are broad areas of learning and not focused on a particular area of study that leads to a specific line of work. In today's world they seem to be thought of as somehow inferior majors. Art History? How will that make any money? How will you pay off your student debt? Sad really.

When I reflect back on my own post college path, there have been many twists. Not all of them that well planned:

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