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Collage of a life well lived

Lately I have been more reflective than usual. It started a few months ago and has grown with time. I have been reflecting on my job/career, relationships, etc. Last week pushed me to a new level. I attended a prayer service for a former work colleague. He was my age roughly with family still in their growing years. He had bravely endured an insidious condition for a few months before succumbing. His prayer service was attended by many. This caused me to dig even deeper into questions about my life so far.

There are pretty straight forward answers to most of these without getting too deep into the "meaning of life". But I can sympathize with those that search for the deeper answers. No one wants to squander their one shot on this planet. We want to leave some sort of legacy. Some kind of mark that we were here. Think about it, the basic symbol most leave behind is a grave marker of some type. So and so was here. They mattered to someone, or somebody.

Then it happened. Today I was reading articles on my iPad and drinking coffee. After I had made my second cup, I was wandering around the beach house my father in law owns and we luckily get to benefit from. As I went over to a group of shelves a huge feeling of melancholy came over me. There on the shelves were pictures of family members at different points in time. My kids, wife, sisters and brother in law, mother and father in law, etc. many of these 10 to 15 years old and older. I stood and looked. And then cried. I cried like I had just lost them. In a sense they were lost, but only in time. Which is my point. Time just moves along. I can't stop it. No one can. There are no do overs. Scary, right?

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