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When it comes to fun things to do, my sister-in-law has a knack for ideas. Back in 2006 she hatched the "let's go to Italy" plan.

It would be my wife, me, my SIL, and her husband. No kids (we had some, they did not). We would take off in the summer and stay a solid week touring part of Italy. I have no idea why this place was chosen.

At first it was just an idea that was thrown about like some kind of wishful thinking. Then I realized my SIL was serious. Plus my wife did not discount the idea, which meant we were all but there already.

The interesting part is that between me and my SIL, I think we planned the whole thing. I doubt that was really there case, but I will swear by it.

Sometimes We Suck At Life: Read This To Learn How To Suck Less

On Your Life Better

What do you do when you find yourself, a grown man with a wife and children, sitting in your car outside your office sobbing like a baby? That was me approximately four years ago this past spring. Unfortunately, sometimes we suck at life.

That was a low point for me. I had it all; a good paying career, a wonderful and supportive wife, and four awesome children. Yet I sat in my car wallowing in self-pity and doubt. But it was more that; it was a true depressive panic attack. I could not control it. I was on the verge of calling in from my car to quit my job.

Thank God the call I made was to a different individual who talked with me and “encouraged” me through the remainder of the day. The subsequent shift in my outlook was not instantaneous. It was incremental. And it was life-altering.

When life hands us a lemon we can pucker up and curse the world, or we can be thankful that we were handed something for free. My crying jag was a pivotal moment where I had to decide which way I was going to go. For many years prior I sucked on the lemon and bemoaned The Fates. This time; however, I chose differently.

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