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Younger. Faster. Fearless.

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Around a week ago, my hometown Houston Rockets were eliminated from the NBA Playoffs. They lost Game 6 to the Oklahoma City Thunder. It was a tough loss to handle, but I have never seen so much optimism from the players and fans. It's a new age of Rockets basketball: younger, faster, fearless.

It was an interesting season to put it shortly. First of all, I couldn't watch the games. Someone decided that the games should be moved to CSN Houston, which is available to less than half of Houston. And yes, I'm part of the majority that does not have access to it.

Logistics aside, the basketball itself was amazing (not that I would really know except for a few nationally televised games). During the offseason, Daryl Morey picked up Jeremy Lin and Omer Asik as well as some other lesser known signings. But, the acquisition that trumped all, was the trade that Morey somehow pulled off to get James Harden to spearhead the team.

And oh did he start off with a bang. The first game he scored 37 points and the second 45. Obviously this trend did not occur the whole season, but he ended up with scoring just under 26 points per game. His "Wins Produced" total was 13.5 wins, best among shooting guards and fourth best among all players. He has become an icon throughout Houston and everyone is counting on him to lead us to glory.

Post #17 - "Team Work Makes the Dream Work"

On Notes Too Frank

Dear Reader,

If I’ve learned anything these past few years it’s that the people around you have a big influence on your life and can determine not only if you reach your goals and aspirations but also what those goals and aspirations become. Our minds are built by feedback. We (yes, everybody) go out into the world everyday with a certain swagger that reflects our opinion of the world around us. The way we talk to others, walk down the street, attend to responsibilities, treat our belongings, strive for our wants, and everything we do transmits our opinion of the world. People and things around us react to our broadcasted selves (our opinions) and give us a different perspective.

The signals others give us can agree or disagree with our own opinions. When they agree we gain confidence in our view of the world and tend to put more effort into actualizing the selves we wish to become. In other words: We think we right, so we wanna show everyone the light. We begin to expand outwards, spreading our broadcasted views on the world.

Disagreement leads to questioning; we begin to question other views on the world as well as our own. First, we turn inward to examine our beliefs and see if they hold up in our world. Then, we look towards others; perhaps they see something we don’t. Perhaps they have experienced something unknown to us. Sometimes though, insecurity in our beliefs can lead to overly defending them, rather than opening up to amendments. We can sometimes become blind and lose ourselves in the cover of our shields.

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