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The Secret To Getting Really Good Press

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Picture is from this article on the cover of The Wall Street Journal's Marketplace section in 2004. Also see my more recent blog post with a video demonstrating how I find names & compose specific emails that work to get reporters' interest

In this post I'll spill the beans and tell you how I get really good press in outlets like TechCrunch, Mashable, CNET, CNN, CNBC, CSPAN, ABC, the WSJ (cover of Marketplace 7/04), Forbes, TechMeme, FastCompany, BBC, and literally hundreds of other publications.

Nothing I'm going to say here is so revolutionary that others couldn't figure it out yourself, but somehow I've figured out the details to make my formula work, and the magic really is in the details.

First off, let's think about what a reporter's daily life is like.  Most reporters, from what they tell me, get several hundred emails a day.  Many of those emails are from PR people spinning their latest client.   So already it's hard to get their attention.  And if you're just another one of those PR people, forget about it.

Minimum Viable Product Formula for Love

On The Words of Focus Project


You know what, I don't wanna write this hour.

Screw you, words! You have no power over me! My kind created you! You are naught but strangly assembled lines, existing outside of tangible reality and only in the ephermal pixles that my kind has also created!

What power have you, beyond the power that I give you?

Well, sure, you have to power to catch my attention. And to make me understand concepts whether or not I desire to have read you. You and I have grown so close that my mind instinctually reads you and strives to understand you.

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