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Design an exclusive T-Shirt for LFW in collaboration with TEXTILE FEDERATION


Based in London, Textile Federation nurtures a community of the world’s best contemporary print designers to produce fashion forward clothing that is creative, imaginative and unique. For each collection, Textile Federation submits a creative brief via their social media platforms that is open to anyone with an interesting approach to print. Textile Federation selects the best prints that are then produced as visually stunning garments; competition winners not only receive a cash prize but also the unique opportunity to see their designs sold at high-street heavyweights such as Urban Outfitters and Topshop.

It is through these ongoing collaborative projects that Textile Federation is able to break away from the restrictions of a traditional design studio. Textile Federation changes the way fashion is created therefore allowing innovation to flourish.

From the 6th January until the 20th January, Textile Federation are inviting members of the public to design an exclusive t-shirt print which will be in collaboration with and sold during Vodafone London Fashion Weekend this coming February.

The brief is simple: through its music, architecture and fashion, the aim of this project is to show us your personal insight into London, what inspires you, and what you love about the city.

6 Examples Of Complementary Currencies That Will Change Your Vision Of Money

On thomaspichon

One Brixton Pound, a local currency issued in Brixton, a district of South London.

When I start talking about alternative currencies, I realize that most people only have in mind the BitCoin experiment and underestimate the (r)evolution already created by all the other community currencies. The number of alternative currencies operating is growing exponentially: 2 experiments took off in 1984 and today there are 5,000 mature systems. Here is a selection of great examples that I hope will reshape the way you see what money is and what money does.

#1. BERKSHARE in Massachusetts, USA

The BerkShare is issued in the Berkshire County located in Massachusetts, USA. Launched in the fall of 2006, it is probably the most successful experiments of local currencies.

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