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7 reasons why small business owners don't use Social Media???

Social media, a novel concept a few short years ago, is now one of the most integral parts of our culture. Liking, commenting, pinning, re-tweeting have come a part of a routine life. While many small business owners are exploiting these social media tools, some still question how these tools will help their business, while others simply do not know where to begin. Here are 7 reasons which Small Business Owners often say when asked why they don't use social media.

1. I think its for the young people: Think again!!! Once you know the basics of Social Media networks, you can do wonders with it to increase your brand recognition with new customers. Here is an interesting statistic, according to Pew Research Center, 72% of the adults use social networking sites which has increased from 8% in 2005.

The full report of this research can be found here.

An interesting infographic by SocialBakers also suggests that over 40% of the Facebook page admins are over 30 years of age.

Anticipating The Future When It's On An Exponential Curve

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My startup, Socialize, is a part of a great media accelerator sponsored byTurner Broadcasting called MediaCamp.

Turner has created MediaCamp specifically because it believes that it needs to be proactive in thinking about what disruptive technologies could affect its legacy line of businesses. It's definitely forward thinking of Turner to dedicate the resources necessary to fund an accelerator program, especially when its parent company, TimeWarner, made $29 billion in revenue and almost $3 billion in net income last year.

In fact, media companies face the classic Innovator's Dilemma: It's hard (impossible?) to dedicate meaningful resources and focus to technologies that aren't generating billions of dollars in revenue and income when the current business is a cash cow. Obviously, startups don't have this problem.

We've been having a spirited debate about the Innovator's Dilemma at Media Camp, and how Turner has been addressing it. But here's the thing I can't quite rationalize and understand: What's a meaningful disruption timeframe for a media company to plan around? And specifically, how does any company predict that timeframe to take meaningful action on it when they don't know what disruptive adoption curves might look like?

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