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Infographic: The rise of Social Profession

If you had wanted a career in Social Media in 2007, you would have been called "weird" as it would have be assumed that you are just another "social media" geek who likes to spend time on Facebook and Twitter. But in the last few years, as the Social Media Networks have increased and been on a rise, social media has become a prominent career among people and companies are increasingly using this medium to reach and provide value to their customers. The likes, retweets, pins and circles aren’t simply fun and games anymore and can actually lead to promising careers.

According to data from LinkedIn compiled by social marketing platform Offerpop, there has been an increase of above 1300% increase in social media positions posted on LinkedIn since 2010 with a sharp increase from 883% to 1357% in Q2 2013 alone.

Some interesting facts are:

For more on the rise of social media jobs, take a look at the infographic below.

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Social media strategy varies depending on the position of the individual in the organization you are asking. There are a variety of strategies that can be used. Let’s have looked some of them and highlight their impact on your business objectives.That is the reason, over and over again; advancement groups are populated by senior executives.Because advancement is recognized pivotal to what's to come for the they likewise have a tendency to have abundant assets available to them.They are situated up to succeed.Failure, again and again, isn't a choice. The social media phenomenon really started to take hold at the turn of the century and in a decade the world of internet marketing is fundamentally different. Social media in the early days was basically "Blogging but now encompasses more social media tools than you could ever imagine. From the tools that we've all heard of, like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn to those that you might not have heard of like Pinterest and Tumblr; the use of these tools has become a very important internet marketing strategy for companies in literally every sector.

We have some benefits to embracing a social media strategy in UK:

Social Media are a fantastic way of “feeding” customers with pertinent information regarding your products, services or special offers.

Social Media are an excellent way of sharing your expertise and company news to grow trust in your company.

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