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Old School Cool

Oldschoolcool is a reddit community that I love. It is dedicated to showcasing vintage photographs of people - some famous, some not - who exude the impossible-to-define, know-it-when-you-see-it property that is “coolness.”

In my mind, what makes the pictures there so thrilling is the knowledge that most were not taken with a wide audience in mind. Unlike facebook newsfeed, they were not designed to impress. For the most part, they were meant to be personal/familial keepsakes, and do not constitute performance. They are uncurated.

They are thus “cool” in a way that modern pictures very rarely are. Because the subjects are not posing, even subconsciously, for hundreds of people, they come across as more authentic, more self-assured. They are largely resistant to suspicions of insecurity and calculation that we direct at contemporary photographic subjects.

I am, of course, as guilty of such calculation as anyone. I wonder, than, what my kids will think when they see old pictures of me. Will they think I am cool? Or will they glance at an archived profile picture and wonder just who it was I was trying to impress?

Pre-Order Life Nomadic, I'll Give the Money to Haiti

On Tynan

It has been surreal to see the pictures of the devastation of Haiti. Normally when these disasters happen and circulate around the internet I don't feel much of a connection to them. This one is different to me.

I spent a few days there last year and really had an amazing experience. I knew that it was the poorest country in the Western hemisphere, and was a bit scared to go. I thought it might be dangerous. My fears were unfounded... I felt safe there, even walking the unlit streets at night. No one so much as asked me for a dollar, which blew me away. The people were poor, but they were warm and generally seemed pretty happy. Everyone was so friendly to me, from the people that hosted me and suggested that I stay for a month or two, to the dancers at a random dance practice, who came up and invited me to see their show when it was ready.

Despite only being there for a couple days, I loved Haiti and felt a connection to it. I spent a bunch of time at an orphanage and a kids school, running around with the kids, playing with them, taking pictures and letting them see themselves on the screen, and letting them (try to) braid my hair.

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