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Old School Cool

Oldschoolcool is a reddit community that I love. It is dedicated to showcasing vintage photographs of people - some famous, some not - who exude the impossible-to-define, know-it-when-you-see-it property that is “coolness.”

In my mind, what makes the pictures there so thrilling is the knowledge that most were not taken with a wide audience in mind. Unlike facebook newsfeed, they were not designed to impress. For the most part, they were meant to be personal/familial keepsakes, and do not constitute performance. They are uncurated.

They are thus “cool” in a way that modern pictures very rarely are. Because the subjects are not posing, even subconsciously, for hundreds of people, they come across as more authentic, more self-assured. They are largely resistant to suspicions of insecurity and calculation that we direct at contemporary photographic subjects.

I am, of course, as guilty of such calculation as anyone. I wonder, than, what my kids will think when they see old pictures of me. Will they think I am cool? Or will they glance at an archived profile picture and wonder just who it was I was trying to impress?

How to Be Frugal And Live a Good Life

On Tynan

I think that the way most people spend money is absolutely nuts. I see people buying things they can't really afford, or things that will have no lasting impact on their lives whatsoever, and I cringe. Be frugal, I want to yell.

On the other hand, there are people who go way out of their way to save a dollar, even When spending that dollar would really make their life better, or create some lasting memory that would impact them long after the dollar was gone. Don't be cheap, be frugal, I want to yell.

Maybe a better phrase for frugal, at least the way I think of it, is financially-efficient. And just like most mistakes I see people make, this one stems from not actually thinking about decisions and just going with the flow.

Money should only be spent if you have it, first of all. Just because everyone else has a car doesn't mean that you are somehow entitled to one, too. If you don't have money for a car, don't buy one. Never finance anything, with the possible exception of a house. Even then, I think it's usually a bad idea.

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