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Canadian Government Demands More Canadian Porn… Yes you read that right.

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Yes, you read the title of today's Gough's Blog entry right. I was reading the National Post, and an article by Tristan Hopper grabbed my attention: “Your porn is not Canadian enough, CRTC warns erotica channels."

The National Post article reports, "For failing to broadcast sufficient levels of Canadian-made pornography — and failing to close-caption said pornography properly — a trio of Toronto-based erotica channels has earned a reprimand from the Canadian Radio-television & Telecommunications Commission. Wednesday, the CRTC issued a broadcast notice saying AOV Adult Movie Channel, XXX Action Clips and the gay-oriented Maleflixxx were all failing to reach the required 35% threshold for Canadian content."

The CRTC making it's omnipresence felt over institutionalized, commercialized Canadian Sex Industry, as not promoting the unique tapestry of Canadian heritage is hilarious. If you really think about it… this is straight up CRTC stone cold high weirdness. The article goes on to point out, "Based on a 24-hour broadcast schedule, that translates to about 8.5 hours of Canadian erotica a day" that needs to be produced daily, promoting the Canadian identity, being demanded by the Canadian Government.

We need to keep our Canadian identity, of course, yes. It's all about principles, and supporting & promoting our unique Canadian way. Yes, of course… ok. CRTC wants to see more titles like, "Canadian Eskimo bukkake extreme 4" or "Parking in Rear of Hockey Rink 5" porn. Well, coming right up Mr. Harper, with a generous helping of maple syrup to give it a more Canadian flavor. How about "The Great Canadian Beaver Bang", we can shoot it at Toronto Mayors office. Hey, he likes the crack and the ladies? Make it a party.

To make this even more special, CRTC regulators will review the “instances of apparent non-compliance” at an April 28 hearing in Gatineau, Que." That's right, sweaty Government CRTC employees will be sitting down to review thousands of hours of hard Anal, BDSM, Feltching, Bukkake, and Salad Tossing pornography… just to tell the concerned public if the latest edition of "Butt-Plug Fever 7" is Canadian enough.

Ronco expands to China with the acquisition of Yusu Gloves


Concord, ON November 2, 2016: Ronco, North America’s leading manufacturer of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) announces acquisition of Yusu Gloves, a safety distribution company based in Shijiazhuang City, Hebei province of China.

With more than 12 years of experience, Yusu Gloves has expertise in disposable and examination gloves – from manufacturing process to distribution. By this acquisition, RONCO will be able to support continued expansion in the China market as well as strengthen the logistics and supply chain capabilities in international markets.

Mr. Ron Pecchioli, President at Ronco said; “This acquisition is a part of our growth strategy. We have established ourselves in North American market and are now looking at diversifying into new international markets. Not only will this acquisition help us expand our global footprint but will also help us serve our existing customers better. Our combined expertise in manufacturing and distribution will enhance our service levels and help us lead the company into the future.”

Ms. Angel Chen, CEO of Yusu Gloves said, “We are very happy and excited to join Ronco. Ronco is a company with strong foundations in manufacturing and operations and this gives us an opportunity to work at a global platform. Mr. Pecchioli added, “We already have a Ronco team in China that helps in our quality management and logistics processes. Now, Yusu Gloves is going to leverage this team by bringing their local China market experience. I could not have asked for a better fit for our team. We welcome Angel and her team aboard.”

All acquisition formalities are expected to be completed by January 2017.

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