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Raison D'etre.

Early last year, after about a year of working for Bohemia Interactive on VBS2, mainly travelling around on airplanes running training courses for military simulations folks, I finally embarked on a project that had been buzzing around in my head for over twenty years.

I'm fairly sure it was the catalyst of working in the simulations field that helped me realize that the time had actually come, and I actually could pull it off, but it had been a long road. When I wrote my first novel, which I started when I was nineteen (it shows its age!), I needed five years of research, which included joining the army and becoming an infantryman, before I could say I had the needed spark to finish it. The relative quality of these projects notwithstanding, no-one can ever say I don't take my research seriously.

The spark for this one came in the form of the Simulation Hypothesis.

I've heard it called a number of things. Theory, argument, hypothesis. It's an old idea, and the Matrix got a good deal of mileage out of it. As a narrative device, you can see it in works like The Truman Show and Dark City, among many others (Source Code and eXistenZ come to mind).

My favourite exploration of it is Nick Bostrom's. Do yourself a favour and read it, if you get the chance (or haven't already). He assigns three propositions equal weight.

The week in Hong Kong at the IEATA ( International Expressive Arts Therapy Association) conference

On SpiritMoves

First time flying and the girls got the special welcome of landing in Hong Kong in a typhoon! As if they were not frightened enough, never having flown before. Gloria few with them, thank goodness, but our tickets could not be changed so she had to hold 7 shaking hands during the flight and landing.

Hong Kong is an interesting place for the women to be the first place to visit outside of Nepal. The two could not be more different. HK is masses of tall apartment building, one after another. Lots of concrete, LOTS of people everywhere, and little personality and diversity. Not surprisingly, the group did not like it and looked forward to heading home.

They did enjoy the conference. Their workshop presentation went well. I worked with Sarala, the leader, on a powerpoint presentation that included photos and the group performed their dance, with not a dry eye in the house. And they were happy with their performance.

They answered questions, and several told their stories. One of them was moved to tears herself as she was telling her story. That said more than a thousand words could. The participants left with a deepened and opened heart.

We sold lots of prayer flags and courage cards to generate donations.

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