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A Model of the Hybrid Rifle

So, I decided to go ahead and make a 3D model based on the concept image of the hybrid rifle from my last post--the rifle Alton Ely is holding in the character study. This is still strictly work in progress, there's no patina and no stamping or anything, and certain components' geometry is not completely finished yet, but I think it's a successful WIP so far. As you can see, I've made some substantial changes to the design, but the spirit remains intact.

Here is a link to a larger image: Hybrid Rifle

And again, here's the original concept for comparison.

Pacific Rim performed beyond expectations

On Dave's Footsteps

I, too, like the writer of the article, thought that Pacific Rim is going to disappoint a lot of people. I mean, Elysium performed beyond expectations; Man of Steel looked pretty but lacking substance; and M. Night Shyamalan’s After Earth went on to become a reminder of what the cult-favorite director has become – a disappointment. The visual effects are done outrageously and I don’t mean that in a bad way. It is a great feat. The fact that this movie won the hearts of critics and audiences alike portends a possible sequel that I am sure fans will be totally excited for.

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