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Achieving Full Investment with Emergence.

In my first post, I established an example in which I posited Herobrine as a 'brain-in-a-vat' intelligence inhabiting Minecraft in such a way that he could never know that the outside world exists.

I supposed that in such a situation, Minecraft would constitute a universe. The Simulation Hypothesis, which I delved into in my second post, is a philosophical exercise and a narrative device in which we imagine that the universe in which we live is a simulation. I'd like to examine a few of the finer points of these two ideas, and so leaving aside for now the idea of who the creators of such a simulation might be, let's examine some of the ways such a thing might be structured.

First off, what is Herobrine in our example? The idea of a brain-in-a-vat is really just another construct. While we could do so, it's not necessary for us to imagine our mind as an actual brain in a vat. It might be something like Neo and the rest of humanity in The Matrix, or it might be something emergent. The construct is helpful because it allows us to get quickly to the idea that a mind encountering only one set of universal rules is not going to have accessed anything outside of them and so it will, among other things:

a: Accept things that are consistent with the rules it has learned.

b: Reconcile things that aren't if they become consistent as time goes on.

Adoption Journey, Day 2

On The Lunde Adoption Blog 2014

We are still underway. We are writing this on daddy's smartphone. Daddy says he is very content with the development since his last trip to Colombia: We've had free WiFi in every airport and hotel on the trip so far, and the airlines have stopped asking us to switch off all electronic devices at take-off and landing; when you board now, you are greeted with "you may leave your smartphones and tablets on from entering till leaving the aircraft". ✈

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