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Choose a Good Word

AHHH. We made it. We made it through the Fa-la-la-la-la. We made it through the Turkeys and Hams. We made it through the bows, and the jingles, and the lights up the tree. We even passed around a fruitcake. We did it. And it was grand. And as we turn the page on this chapter, even more exciting to me is the blank one staring us in the face.

A fresh, clean start awaits us. Possibility and hope are at our door! We can choose to refocus our effort in Seeking the Good in ourselves and one another. My kids never understand why we have to clean our house for the New Year. I guess metaphorically and physically I have a need to sweep away last year’s “dirt” and buff the scuffs in the floor.

I like reset buttons. I like being given a new starting line. I get energized in knowing we get to wipe the slate clean and start anew. And those who make resolutions, whether they live up to them or not, are caught up in the spirit of enrichment. I do believe we need the blast of fireworks or a date on a calendar to wake and shake us up to refocus.

Set an intention. What is your one word for the New Year? How will that word serve you? This time last year my word was LIGHT. I wanted to feel LIGHTer, I wanted to be LIGHT-hearted, I wanted to live in LIGHT and not in the darkness of chronic illness. I wanted to BE a LIGHT for those in my circle.

And that word has served me and followed me all year. It’s been written on a chalkboard in my kitchen to remind me everyday of this year to illuminate a new path. It embodied my year. And it followed me to my birthday when I lit Chinese lanterns full of wishes. And to cap off a year of illuminating a new path, I will head to the City of Light later this week. My heart is full of joy and excitement.

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