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Use Your Time Wisely

She was loud, she was frank, she was sarcastic, and she meant business. She was an ex-nun, and I was lucky enough to be in her 5th Grade Religion class. Her room had no windows, so she had it filled with all kinds of witty quotes on posters that answered just about any sob story that a Middle School student could conjure. But the most important of her quotes… the one she used most frequently… the one she had specially engraved in all capital letters on a wooden plaque, and hung it in the center of the chalkboard so that no one could miss it was this: LIFE IS NOT FAIR.

Interestingly enough, her friend, my Third Grade teacher, had a faded, die-cut construction paper message on her chalkboard. She didn’t change it out seasonally. It still hangs there today, so I am told. Her message: USE YOUR TIME WISELY. Years later that was the message I placed on my own chalkboard in my own classroom.

My parents sacrificed, really sacrificed, for twelve years to send me to Catholic School, and while I learned all of the conventional lessons, those two things have long endured and merged in my memory: Life is not fair, so use your time wisely.

Who makes you feel most at home? Whose presence always leaves you feeling as though the time you spent with them was time well spent? I would venture to guess they are people who bring Lightness and Levity. They are people who are optimistic, compassionate, and committed to doing their best everyday. Maybe they are children? Certainly they are people who know how to let go of the injustices we face in Life.

They have actively chosen to embrace the reality that as long as we remain addicted to negative thought patterns, to injustices, as long as we harbor ill will toward our trespassers, we choose to limit the Good we can manifest. When we remain addicted to injustice, we are choosing our own failure to thrive. People who are able to shed mistakes and past hurt CHOOSE to use their time wisely. They are the ambassadors of GOOD. They are the heart of Lovingkindness.

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On Arctic Nights and Northern Lights

"The secret of health for both mind and body is not to mourn for the past, worry about the future, or anticipate troubles, but to live in the present moment wisely and earnestly.”

Every photograph tells it's own story and every story has it's own personal meaning.

My story is one of nomadic travel and adventure.


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