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Right vs Wrong

Morals, everyone has them. I guess? That's not to say that everyone has the SAME morals. The most common are pretty basic such as: don't kill, don't steal, don't rape, don't lie etc etc ...

And I don't need to go into any of that, however, theres almost a form of unspoken set of morals that if someone 'breaks', they are deemed 'cruel' or 'inhuman' and so on. These rules are actually more like...a shared opinion. Shared by the majority anyways. Though that depends what rule we're talking about.

For example, its an unsaid (though more frequently voiced nowadays) rule that you don't cheat in relationships. And most people would agree that it makes sense and is something everyone should stick to. But then there are simpler ones like you shouldn't wear clothes that show too much skin.

Hmmm thats an interesting thing. Showing too much of your body is seen as slutty or 'asking for it' but in all truth, its the persons choice and right to wear whatever they want as long as it doesn't count as 'indecent exposure' or is harming anyone else. Someone revealing a lot of their body can't be used as an excuse to molest or rape them. That said, the human world isn't perfect and what should be one way isn't so, therefore, if someone is going to wear very little clothing and expose a lot of their skin, they should keep the consequences in mind, agreed?

Back to topic, such as the example I just gave, theres things in this world that aren't - and can't be, written as rules. Why? Because it depends.

Two Strikes and You're Back Into Pickup

On Tynan

Becoming disappointed in yourself is a unique region in the realm of disappointment, because no amount of time and understanding makes it go away. The only remedy for it is to change yourself-- in fact, this is one of the best sources of motivation for self-improvement. I've recently become disappointed in my self, illustrated by these two strikes.

Strike One

A common excuse from guys who fail to approach girls is that none of the girls are their type, or that none of them are attractive enough. Sometimes this is actually a legitimate reason for not approaching, but far more often it's an ego-preserving shield against actually facing the fear of approach.

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