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What Do You Think?

I had these designs just lying around; I don't know, I must have forgotten about them, and with all the extra workload I've been burdened with lately. :-/ But it's a good thing I found these because they were an instant hit; someone bought them already. What do you think?

Football Design iPad Mini Case by "SjasisSportsSpace" View other ipad mini case on Zazzle.com

Zen Daisy Personalized iPhone 5 Case-Mate Case by "mazarakes" Look at other personalized iphone case

pink animal print baby shower invitation by "GirlyTemplate" Browse pink zebra on Zazzle

Couple Cute Ladybug His T Shirt by "MainstreetShirt" Look at other cute couple shirts

Keeping my words

On Dave's Footsteps

Maybe it was the weather, but today I just really did not feel like doing anything at all. I promised a goof friend of mine that I would make some new designs for her though, and I'm not one to break promises; so, here they are. They didn't turn out as bad as I originally thought they would, though. What do you think?

Baby Stroller - This is How I Roll Tees by "iloveyourshirt" View more cool t shirts at Zazzle

Mustache Aviator Mug by "the_little_gift_shop" View i mustache you a question at zazzle.com

This is My Zombie Killing T-shirt by "zombieplanet" Shop more zombie clothing online at zazzle.com

Picture Perfect Rehearsal Dinner/Shower Invitation by "PixiePrints" Find more engagement cards online at Zazzle

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