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A Better Autosave

I woke up yesterday morning to a call from our first blogger, DROdio. A glitch in copy-pasting caused his post to get deleted, and undo wouldn't get it back. Was there anything he could do? There wasn't, so he had to rewrite the whole post.

I apologized and then decided that the time had come to finally write an autosave feature.

When designing new features, I like to imagine that I've never seen how anyone else has implemented that feature, imagine that I'm a user, and try to figure out exactly how I would hope the feature would work.

WordPress' default autosave (which can be modified) saves every 60 seconds. This is a lot better than no autosave, and would have saved DROdio's post yesterday, but is it ideal?

From a technical perspective, this approach makes sense. It will work pretty will and won't clog up the database too much. From a user perspective, I think it could be improved upon.

11 Must Have SEO Plugins for WordPress

On Zach Browne

WordPress is by far a superior platform for online marketing and it can help you overcome a variety of your Internet marketing challenges by automating your tasks, freeing up your time, and most importantly, helping you rank on the search engines.

WordPress is the best framework available for SEO for a number of reasons:

Here is our recommended list of SEO plugins for WordPress:

WordPress Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is by far the most important aspect of any long term WordPress website marketing strategy. From making sure your title tags are properly named to improving the load performance of your website (500ms improvement in load time yields up to 20% improvement in time on site and conversions), optimizing your website with WordPress and search engine optimization is at the core of appearing on Google and the other search engines when a potential client searches for something relevant to your business.

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