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Design Update

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Hello ervrybody!

So the blog dump will continue this afternoon, but in the mean time I am experimenting with design. I know, I know, I probably should've waited to publish the site until the design was finalized, but I'm a damn fickle person when it comes to my blog.

Anywho, your patience is appreciated while I wrestle with the bear of web design and in the mean time, enjoy an article or two! Leave feedback! Conversation breeds success and I want to know what interests you.

Of overt overtones and subtler subtexts

On The Wild While of Mild Miles

I generally prefer to stay indoors, and avoid public interaction, and just spend too much time on the internet. Of course, there are the odd social obligations, or engagements I'm entitled to erratically pop up at, like one of those ads on torrent sites. It's annoying.

But on occasion, I find a perfectly good person/reason worth meeting in real life. I am completely capable of conducting online conversations, and I am most at ease when talking to my closest friends, for they can read the smirk in my sentences, or the arch of a brow, or some other quirk of the countenance as we speak on social media platforms without seeing each others' faces. We know and understand our partners' personalities well enough to type however liberally we want.

Yet this liberty doesn't compensate the literal expression, rather it compromises it. There is something particularly cheering in hearing an actual laugh, or chuckle, or even snigger than merely reading 'haha', 'hahaha' or 'HAHAHAHAH!!' Sure, they have emoticons or at least, everyone has accepted that an equal sign plus close/open parenthesis equals an expression of happiness- but it's just not quite the same as seeing your friend's own unique features contort into a smile. The same goes for the flip side of delight. In fact, nobody I know who is truly in any state of deep misery expresses it with a colon and closed bracket. They'll use actual words instead.

It's much easier to ignore someone if they're not physically present; or simply brush it off by writing 'I don't want to talk about it'. Of course, they'll turn the same phrase if you were actually there listening, but their silence speaks for them, the body language, their gaze (or lack thereof), their spirit-or 'dispirited-ness' as it were. And the other person's physical presence is comforting, even if it's in commiserating silence too. Alternatively, they could always bug or shout at the other person till they give in. It's much more effective (and irritating) if you feel a finger prodding your back or sides and a voice chanting 'c'mon,c'mon,c'mon,you can tell me anything, everything, every~thing' echoing over and over and over in your ear- as compared to just getting multiple pokes on FB, which can be blocked anyway. Point is, it's much easier to escape interrogation/scrutiny if you're invisible.

In addition, you're only half as liable, or likely, to politely respond to someone initiating a conversation online, you could always offer up the crappy excuse that your connection was bad and oh, I didn't see it till two minutes ago!

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