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First post!

So, hello anyone who reads this, I'm a student previously using DeviantArt blog platform and now I've decided to give SETT a go. Maybe something will turn out, I'll be posting some (pretty horrible) photography and art here. Here's the first one!

This is a photo made quite a while ago for the photography workshop in college for the Macro theme. Enjoy!

No Sloppy Thinking: A Framework To Achieve Your Goals

On DROdio

After writing recently about what Elon Musk has been able to achieve, I've been thinking a lot about blockers that cause people and companies to fall short of their goals.

This assumes that those goals have been clearly defined. That's often the first problem. Getting everyone in a company on the same page to achieve the same macro objective is the first step in the process. A great litmus test for this is to randomly stop an employee in the hallway and ask them what business they think the company is in. The more varied the answers, the less this first crucial step has been achieved.

And personally, many of us are not working towards a macro goal, but rather, we're just trudging along, one day at a time. I often see people working towards secondary, more immediate objectives without having a clearly defined macro goal. So although it sounds obvious: To achieve success, one first has to define what success means. Have you set macro goals for your life? Mine, in prioritized order, are:

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