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Inner strength to keep on running

On The Skinny Runner

there’s a good reason why long-distance running is called an endurance race. Even preparing for a run is a challenge. That’s what I’m struggling now, to be able to consistently get out and run. And after three days of abandoning running: it’s square one for me.

so here's what I've found useful in keeping that momentum going:

don't compromise. Days when you feel lazy to run, just push yourself. It takes a lot of mental strength, but running past that period will benefit you in the long run.

sign up for more competitions. While writing this post, I have signed up for two more middle-distanced events. The aim: to keep myself on my toes and a reminder that I not only have to show up to these races but to complete them.

use visuals. For me, sticky notes work. Writing down those goals and sticking them at the right places around my home provides me that "gentle reminder" that I must complete them or just rue the day I will look upon these missed goals with hindsight.

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