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Supporter Owned Clubs - Does it Work?

When the ideas of supporter ownership comes up people often ask two questions:

To address those two questions I have compiled a partial list of clubs currently owned by supporters around the world. As you can see from the list some of the world's most successful clubs, such as Barcelona and Bayern Munich, are majority owned by their supporters. Not only is it possible it has been proven to be a successful model if implemented properly.

Supporter Owned Clubs:

Social Engineering : How to Infiltrate a Community

On Tynan

Let's say you just joined a new club, online community, or perhaps even a team. Some people like being the peon members of the group, which is very fortunate, because without those people, no group would be very good.

But beyond the general masses is usually a smaller group of respected, and usually more priviledged individuals. In this article, I'll call those people "the inner circle". Within that inner circle there are decision makers - the members that have the power and duty to control the very nature and future of that group. To make this article a little more jargony and cool sounding, I'll call those people the kings.

Today I'm going to teach you how to go from being a peasant to a king in a relatively short amount of time. Is this possible? It has been for me. The two best examples, which I will trace my involvement with through this article, are my interactions with the pickup community and with the gambling community.

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