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Purpose of this Blog: Save Newcastle!


This blog is intended to be a place for discussion on how we can ensure a bright future for Newcastle United. I believe the club is never truly safe in the hands of one or a handful of rich owners. Even if they are doing a good job now a time will come when they become disinterested or die and leave the club to less competent heirs.

As fans we have the most to lose from the the club imploding like Leeds. However, if we can have strong fan organization and plans in place we can provide the contingency plan that can save us from League 1 or the next Vincent Tan (He changed Cardiff's colors from blue to Red).

Hopefully the posts and discussion on this site will play a small part in encouraging positive action now and incubating more ambitious ideas and improving them until their time has come.

He's decided to walk alone but will Arsenal bite the bait?

On Unique FC

The hot topic in the transfer market is Luis Suarez and you can't question that after the bombshell he just dropped. In an exclusive interview with the guardian and the telegraph, he clearly indicates that he want out. With Madrid prioritizing Bale in their ₤100 million pursuit, Rooney edging for a move to Chelsea and Man City having recruited their strikers, Arsenal are his only option for champions league football which is what he wants. We do not need to go into why Manchester United is not a likely destination for the Uruguan but the 26 year is most likely heading to the emirates stadium.

Question is, are Arsenal clever and quick enough to sign him and start their transfer activity. Wenger's only recruit so far has been Sanogo and let's be honest he's not the name fans have been craving for. The number of departures at Arsenal need a replacement and the board have done the right thing in getting the dead wood off in Squillaci, Arshavin, Gervinho, Denilson and Santos to name a few. But a centre back, a defensive midfielder and a top class forward still need to be brought in for Arsenal to remotely challenge for the title. Suarez fits the bill, but does he?

Drawbacks- Personality:

Positives- His statistics:

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