Sara Alina

Voice, humility and maturity all at once.


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There are a lot of great artists that have always inspired me. When I was little I used to listen to a lot of P!nk, James Morrison, Beatles, Rihanna and Britney Spears. They and many others were a part of my childhood. When I listen to music that I used to listen to as a child, it always brings back carefree memories of being a kid and I love that feeling. But my biggest inspirations for music has always been my Dad. My Dad was a songwriter, but he wrote as a hobby, while working a job as well. He was the one that introduced me to music and brought me to the studio at a very young age where I was introduced to a ‘Microphone’. They told me a microphone was a device that converts sound waves into electrical energy variations, but to me it has become much more than that. My Dad is and will always be the driving force behind my music. Every song that I write is because he told me that I could, and showed me how. He has inspired me.

- Love Sara Alina

The Halloween party

On Herald Hippo

Who says that as a grown-up you cannot dress-up? Well...the best excuse is for Halloween.

What was the plan? Easy:

- Find the place: a nice bar in Zizkov area, and the advantage was that for a party you don't need to pay for the place rental. Yay!

- Find a DJ: done, cool guy, excellent music. Yay! Have to buy him an Oreo :)

- Find the people: done; expats that did not have something better to do so they came to the party. Some dressed up, some did not. Lame!

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