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Bowl Of Racism

Several months ago Cheerios captured our attention when they featured a black man with his white wife, and their adorable interracial daughter. Americans were outraged that Cheerios could feature such a family in their television ad mainly directed at children and young families. The ad generated so much hate from Americans that the comment feature on YouTube had to be disabled. The ad remained on the air, backed by a larger dose of popularity, and now comes an in-your-face celebration of the nation’s multi-racial evolution, however slow that may be. Cheerios is returning with another ad set to debut on the Super Bowl, with something that may be even harder for racists to swallow: a commercial that includes the news of a baby brother on the way.

We see the changing family dynamic everywhere, Disney featured the first same sex couple in a television show, and Chevrolet is set to debut an ad during the Winter Olympics featuring a same sex couple. It amazes me that we are so resistant to change, especially to the ads from companies that we grew up loving. I hope everyone can see with an open mind, and not judge people based on sexual orientation, family dynamic, and truly love one another.

- Love Sara Alina


On Tynan

When you're on the road for this long you get good at rationing. In our case, that applies to batteries and to food. I just last week ate a vegan food bar that I bought in LA in the beginning of March.

We don't plan far ahead, so we never know exactly when we'll be able to buy acceptable food. Batteries are the same way. We're on a 32 hour train ride that spans two nights from Saigon in South Vietnam to Hanoi in North Vietnam.

It's the second night now, so it's time to burn off my batteries which I haven't really used much of yet.

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