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Voice, humility and maturity all at once.


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Rocko the rapper & Sara Alina - Better Days (Official Lyric Video)

Another very thoughtful fan of mine added Lyrics to my Better Days Video with rapper Rocko. Sing it with me!Much love, Sara. xoxox

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Video of the Week: Gravity

On Where Pianos Roam

Okay, so I am a sucker for a beautiful piano ballad.  So sue me.  I am, after all, a piano player with a treasure trove of my own ballads that I play. This week's Video of the Week is actually a two for one deal.  I have two videos to offer up this time.    Both of them center around a very quiet little piano ballad.   It is a song from fellow pianist/singer/songwriter Sara Bareilles.  This is a gorgeous track off of her debut album "Little Voice", and it is called "Gravity". I cannot stop loving this song.  It is incredibly stunning as a musical piece, and Sara's vocal delivery within it is tender, subtle, and delicately sad.  The high falsetto note she hits in the end is about as good as it gets. The song doesn't come with a lot of bangs and beats, but what it does deliver is a few stanzas packed with powerful and understated emotion.  Gosh, this is one of those songs I wish I had written.  I might actually cover it someday. The first video is the official music video for this song.  I think it is more than appropriate for all of you to see the talented person who delivers the quiet force of nature that this song is. The second video continues on from last week's love of the show "So You Think You Can Dance".   Last season, two contestants performed a gut-wrenching and heartbreaking performance to this very song. So, here they are.  Special thanks to Sara Bareilles for writing this little masterpiece .  .  . [youtube=] [youtube=] Hope you enjoy these. -g

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