Sara Alina

Voice, humility and maturity all at once.


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Teen Party Expo

Today was my first ever show in the United States at Teen Party Expo. I performed with IM5, Roshon, and Dylan Jenet. They were all amazing! The best part of today was getting to meet the spectators and signing everyone’s picture. I feel it’s always important to give back and do whatever you can for the people who support you because they are the reason why I’m up there. Also the Polished Girlz and some of the hospital patient came to the show, which made it even more amazing! I thank everyone who came out and supports me it’s unreal!

- Love Sara Alina

Sexualization of Children in the Media

On Sex and Toys

There are many tv shows that sexualize children such toddlers and tiaras and teen ink. In my opinion I also don’t think that there should be any princess shows either because some of them show the children that it is okay for them to act like spoiled brats and get whatever they want.

In my opinion media is the most common way to sexualize young children especially girls. In the show teen ink it shows teens getting tattoos some are even not the age that they are allowed to get them. They do it behind their parent’s backs and they think that its “cool” a lot of teens see this and think well I can do this and go and do it.

Commercials today try and tie people in to get their product no matter what it is. Most of the commercials are for young children and in them are young children being forced, bribed and sexualized by the people filming them and people think where are these children’s parents? What they don’t know is they are there for the whole thing.

Some people think that it’s other peoples fault for sexualizing children in the media but they can’t put anything on them or do anything to the without their parents consent and usually the parent is thinking of themselves and not their children.


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