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My First Ever at Teen Party Expo

Every teen is looking forward to Sunday (March 2, 2014) for the Teen Party Expo to be held in L.A. Convention Center. This event will surely be filled with teens (both girls and boys) enjoying an afternoon of fashion, music and entertainment. Meet other teens and celebrities, make friends and just do what teens do. And being a teen myself, I will be there to perform during the fashion shows (2:15 and 4:15 PM). So spread the word to our fellow teens about this awesome party and have fun. Be young and love it. Being a teen only happens once in your lifetime.

- Love Sara Alina

Drop Out and Grow Rich

On Tynan

In our culture going to school is given a lot of respect. Dropouts face a sharp negative stigma. They're quitters. They're losers. They'll go nowhere in life. But is this really true? How big of a factor is college on success?

Here's a list of some of the dropouts that I personally admire :

Bill Gates
Steve Jobs
Paul Allen
Richard Branson
Larry Ellison (Oracle)
Dave Thomas
Ted Turner
Henry Ford
Almost 1 in 5 of the US Presidents including Lincoln, Washington, Jackson, and Cleveland
Albert Einstein
Walt Disney
John D. Rockafeller
Mark Twain
Charles Dickens
Thomas Edison
Benjamin Franklin
Ray Kroc (billionaire founder of McDonalds)
Claude Monet

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