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When Is Enough, Enough?

Yet again, another "Stand Your Ground" shooting in Florida, on January 16 gunshots rang out in an Orlando neighborhood. When police arrived, they discovered 21-year-old Ricardo Sanes lying on his back, dead. Angela Kemraj, girlfriend of Claudius Smith, told police the beginnings of an apparent robbery. She said her house had "several video surveillance cameras" outside with monitors inside the home. She said she saw on one of the monitors "an unknown male in dark clothing and a hooded sweatshirt walking in their yard."

That’s when Smith acted and less than two minutes later gunshots rang out. What happened to the normal reaction of calling the police? There was no evidence that Ricardo Sanes was burglarizing the area. Claudius Smith has been charged with second-degree murder with a firearm. Smith told police it was self-defense. It’s sad that you can get shot for walking across someone’s front yard, and when are people going to stop using guns to solve their issues? It’s time to stand up against the "Stand Your Ground" law and fight it.

- Love Sara Alina

Friday Found Poem: Strong Differences

On like an apple

Strong Differences

The case arises out of the murder of the priest of St. Anthony's Church, which occurred in the church rectory.

Thirty years ago, in the early morning hours of a November day, the defendant appeared at the county sheriff's department and said that he wished to speak to officers.

Upon the officers' arrival, the defendant told the officers, without any questioning: "I killed the priest at St. Anthony's."

One officer went to check the rectory. There he found the priest's body Crumpled and bleeding From multiple stab wounds.

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