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"Lights, Camera, Action"

I love award season. You can smell it in the air… well at least I can. It sort of smells like Hollywood traffic, expensive gowns, and Ryan Seacrest. Okay, so I over exaggerated a little. But, now that it's Award season, Hollywood is going crazy and the glorious red carpet is rolled out, which has been touched by some of the most famous feet (not to mention some of the most expensive shoes) in the world. The first show of the season, the golden globes, was held this past Sunday. Honoring movies, shows, writers, and composers. The pre- show is always entertaining as they interview the celebs, and of course have to ask “whom” they are wearing, because the designers are being judged as well. I, of course, pretended I am a member of Joan River’s fashion police, and did my own celeb gown judging. I also loved that they asked Amy Poehler and Tina Fey, two of the most powerful women in comedy, to host again. They did their usual hilarious open monologue of making fun of all the actors and actresses, and then I thought, they really get away with saying anything, but it's Amy Poehler and Tina Fey…sooo duhhh!…Yet, everyone is there for one thing. They have worked hard all year, have put on amazing performances on the big screen, have entertained the public, and its time to be awarded for their work. Too bad everyone can’t win, and I can’t imagine how hard it is to choose.

- Love Sara Alina

Four Colors of Pens


Small, big win -- get multiple colors of pens.

I found nice packs of pens in Morocco that contained one each of a black, blue, green, and red pen. I bought five packs.

Incredibly useful. My system:

Black -- big details, big picture.Blue -- specific notes, little details.Green -- complete, or on-track and doesn't need attention.Red -- next up, urgent, unacceptable, or needs attention.

It makes is easy to skim notebooks rapidly. I can look at the black ink if I want to figure out what's going on, can skim over anything blue unless I want details... if I'm in a real hurry, I can just look for what's red and do that. If I want to see progress/timelines, diving into a mix of blue and green will give me that.

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