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"No Day But Today" - Rent

I started this as a personal growth thing. I don't know, but maybe when I'm thirty or something I'll remember how stupid I was now:

Dear future self:

I'd like to refer to "future me" as "you" and present me as "me" to help keep things clear. I hope you can learn to keep your spaces clean. I'm sorry, but I am disgusting. I know I should clean up after myself but it's so hard to every day when I'm trying to compose and practice and work and everything at once. Anyway, I'm trying really hard to be the best musician. I mean, I guess I could practice more - who couldn't? But hopefully I make you proud.

Juries are next week, and since I never did one, I'm super nervous about performing in front of so many staff. I should practice, but I need a break. If I do anything music and school related I might crash. I'm breaking it up with downloading all my sheet music I got. :)

I hope you can realize that you've come a long way since you began, depending on when you read this. I know things are hard for us but it's hard for everyone. We just have to keep going. Well, I meant to write more to you since I want you to have something to read, but I'm trying to do work. Finals are coming up and I can't fail.

Nearing the end of an eventful weekend.

On My Life - Bit by bit.

So. I sit here writing this blog post as we near the end of what, for me has been a weekend of two halves. Both days of the weekend have, this week, been polar opposites. Yesterday I did hardly anything, didn't go anywhere, and didn't really go out of my room until the evening. Today has been totally the opposite. Today I got up very early and we (Me, Mum, Dad, Brother) went to Andover and then onto Basingstoke to do some fairly boring shopping. We spent about 2 hours in Basingstoke before we began to travel back home. At this point I was still relatively relaxed. it wasn't until we got home when the panicking started to begin.

As you may remember me saying, I play the clarinet in a band, and tomorrow evening the band have their big annual concert. They do other concerts throughout the year, but this is the "big one"! Anyway, I was beginning to get all of my stuff prepared, making sure I had all of my clothes ready for tomorrow evening. The concert has a very formal feel, and we, in the band, are required to wear a smart shirt and a bow-tie. It wasn't until I began getting all of my stuff ready, when I realised I couldn't find my bow-tie. I spent 2 hours looking literally everywhere it could possibly be. I looked in my wardrobe, I looked everywhere. But could I find it? No! I then realised I was going to need to find one from elsewhere, so rang up some relatives who are happy to lend me one but that was a very worrying couple of hours. Not the most exciting thing to blog about, but being a daily blog this is the only relatively interesting thing that's happened today.

So anyway. Problem sorted. I'm now sat here writing this blog post and thinking about what I'm going to do after writing this post. I'd imagine I'll end up doing some maths revision. I'm not sure how much I'll get done. I may only get one hour done today. But then again, one hour is still better than not at all. I'm trying to distract myself as much as I can from thinking about tomorrow. Because tomorrow is going to be an absolute beast. It truly is awful. It's going to be an incredibly long day too. I wont get home tomorrow until about 10:30 due to the band concert. This is like every Monday though, as I have band practice which is just as late. Being out on Monday's means Tuesday is a really difficult day as well. Because I'm always so tired.

So. That just about brings me to the end of another blog post. Tomorrows post should still be posted at some point but may not be posted until Tuesday morning. It depends how much time I can get tomorrow between getting home from school and then going out again. Catch you later!

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