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Is it cheaper to fly internationally to buy your next suits, luggage, etc?


Two days ago, I went to a high end tailor for the first time in my life, Dung Tailor in Saigon, Vietnam. I got measured and ordered a shirt and a pair of pants. Cost: 1,020,000 VND, or a little more than $50 USD total.

This reminds me of when I was in Chengdu, China five years ago. In Chengdu, I bought a beautiful red leather suitcase for $100 USD, and got shirts and shoes for about $5 each.

So, would it be cheaper for you to fly to another country to buy your items? Here's the calculator I'd use:

1. Figure out what you're going to pay on clothing, shirts, shoes, and hand-crafted gifts in the next year.

2. Assume you can get that at between 40% and 70% off in Vietnam, China, or a relevant part of South America if you live in a Western country.

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On Non linear life

This past week I spent some time at a manufacturing plant. Manufacturing was my first love in graduate school. I love making things.

I spent some of my post graduate working at a printer. It was manufacturing, but not what you would think of.

The place I was visiting was the kind like you see on tv. Sparks flying, noise, the smell of welding, and people walking around in steel toe shoes.

During the visit I had to visit the factory floor. Remember the noise and sparks? Well I had to wear glasses and ear plugs. I also had to wear stell toe shoes:

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