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I wasn’t the brightest student growing up. In the fourth grade, I was reading at a second grade level, and my writing was even worse. There were concerns that I would never catch up, and I would be destined to remain in special-help classes and never truly excel academically.

I got lucky. My parents compelled me to work harder, and my teachers were invaluable to my efforts as they worked with me to improve my skills. Thanks to them, I went from being a poor to an average student. For me, for everyone who had seen me grow up, this would do.

But then something else happened. Something my parents, my teachers, and certainly I never expected. I started to excel. My reading levels began to rise above the averages, and I began enrolling in what my junior high school referred to as “challenge” courses. My English teachers became impressed by my writing skills, and it was during this time that writing became a part of who I am.

Do I keep learning Facebook or move on to learning basics about Slideshare & Google +?

On The Tense Bat

How the heck did I become a doctor who learns to use the Facebook Ad manager?

I never used Facebook for personal purposes...never liked the sound of it and prefer to keep my life a little more private. A platform meant to help you be as visible as possible to the world -- or worse yet, to advertisers -- makes me nervous. (I haven't converted my personal gmail account to Google+ because I don't want to give up Picasaweb albums in its old format.)

However, I have health-related information that I want to share with a certain kind of person...namely, the kind of person who will appreciate it and be able to put it to good use.

But if you build it, they don't necessarily come...unless you learn to build that minimum viable audience.

So. Despite my best efforts to avoid Facebook, it was pointed out to me that this is the most-used platform for my target audience.

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