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Why I Told CBS Corporation To Sue Me Without Wearing A Shirt


If you haven't been following the saga, I wrote an Open Letter to Simon and Schuster CEO Carolyn Ready saying that they fundamentally mistreat their authors and editors, and their industry sucks.

They first tell me to delete this immediately, then ignore it, and then I get a very politely worded threat delivered via my agent, Jim Levine.

So I made the video, "The End of the Publishing Cartel - Jim Levine, Are You With The Artists Or The Cartel?"

I made a lot of important points, but I wasn't wearing a shirt.

Now, why do that? Am I just crazy?

Fair or Outrageous

On Sara Alina

This story left me wondering how could things like happen and definitely one of those “you can’t make this kind of stuff up” stories. A New Jersey high school senior sued her parents, accusing them of tossing her out of the family home when she turned 18 and refusing to pay for her private high school and college education. Her parents claim that they kicked her out because she wouldn’t abide by their rules and refused to break up with her boyfriend.

In a lawsuit, Rachel Canning asked a court to have her parents pay for the outstanding tuition for her private high school, pay her living and transportation expenses for the foreseeable future, use money from an existing college fund to pay for at least some of her college education, and pay her legal bills. A hearing was held Tuesday, and the judge denied the request for high school tuition and current living expenses. Another hearing will be held in April to deal with the other issues in the suit, including college costs.

This is an alarming behavior, and had me asking what’s next? If parents refuse to buy their teen expensive clothing, are they going to sue? If parents ground their teen because of a bad grade, are they going to sue? We should ultimately respect one another, and trust me I know being a teen is tough!

-Love Sara Alina

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