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Tuck Everlasting by Natalie Babbit

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The main characters are Winnie and the Tucks; Jesse, Miles, Mae and Tuck. The book is about when Winnie decides to run away she finds a spring and a boy named Jesse. He and his family having drunk from the spring will never die. When Winnie finds the spring they tell her the story of how they found it . They keep Winnie for a night planing to take her back next day but they didn't know that someone had seen them he tried to take Winnie against her will but Mae shot him and she went to prison she was going to the gallows next day Winnie and the Tucks rescued her.I liked this book because I like adventure stories I'd recommend this book to six and upwards

Book Review: The Boy Who Harnessed The Wind

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I read this book in Middle School, but didn't quite remember much (except for what I could deduce from the title) so I recently read The Boy Who Harnessed The Wind by the very own boy, William Kamkwamba.

It is truly one of the most amazing autobiographies I have ever read. It recaptures the story of this boy from a poor village in Malawi (I'm not going to lie, I have never heard of the country of Malawi before) that became a TED fellow at the age of 19, just to list one of his many accomplishments. With such few limited resources, for example a lack of formal education, William was simply a very motivated individual who had a simple goal: bring electricity to his home. So, he went off, despite what others said about him, and built his very own windmill.

This book takes me right into his life and describes all the obstacles he faced, including death waiting around the corner after a famine hit his country. I realize I'm around as old as he was when he built his windmill, and I live a much better life. I often complain about what I don't have, but I never realize what I do have. With everything I have, there is so much potential waiting to be tapped. I can easily (well, not easily) solve so many problems.

Alright, let's be honest. I'm not going to be the next great kid, or will I ever write an autobiography or give a TED Talk. But, this story teaches me one thing: with enough determination, one can honestly achieve anything. As cheesy and cliche that statement is, it is definitely true. It's time for me to stop complaining and saying, but rather start appreciating and doing.

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