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The Breadwinner by Deborah Ellis

The book is about a girl called Parvana and she lives in Afghanistan in Kabul. She lives under the Taliban rule that girls are not allowed to go outside. One day Taliban soldiers arrest her father for no reason! Once Parvana's father has gone they run out of food so Parvana has to pretend to be a boy and sell things on the street. She had a secret friend who dropped special things onto the blanket Parvana was selling things on. Sometimes it was a bracelet sometimes it was a bead, but it was always something special.

I liked this book because of the feeling the author put in and it made me feel sad for Parvana and everyone who lives in Afghanistan. I'd recommend this book to seven or eight and upwards.

My first book review

On The Hilarious Seahorse

We can't all look like Kim Novak and other beautiful actresses...but we can still appreciate the love lives they experienced...

If a fantasy is yours...who would play in it? Here's my choices! Remember who was dancing with Kim in this movie???

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