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Black Beauty

I liked Black Beauty because he was a horse and I like horses. I liked the way that Black Beauty found Joe Green.The main characters are Black Beauty,Joe Green who is a stable boy and Ginger who is Black Beauty's friend. It is set England at the stable and Black Beauty moves from stable to stable, which I think is very annoying for the horse. I'd recommend it would be suitable for children aged 6 and upwards because people were mean to the poor horse and I think that is quite sad.

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On Where Pianos Roam

This page is an on-going record of books that I have read since the year 1991.  It will be updated frequently with thoughts and reviews about each book. Here is the Guide: 1.  Book Name 2.  Author Name 3.  Number of Pages 4.  Thoughts/ReviewsGGGGG:  OutstandingGGGG:  GoodGGG:  FairGG:  PoorG:  Don't Bother

The Pearl John Steinbeck 96GGGGGLes Miserable (Abridged) Victor Hugo 416GGGGGOf Mice and Men John Steinbeck 112 GGGGGWatership Downs Richard Adams 496 GGGGGI, Juan de Pareja Elizabeth Borton de Trevino 144 GGGGGRed Badge of Courage Stephen Crane 240 GGFlowers For Algernon Daniel Keyes 216 GGGGG

Jane Eyre Charlotte Bronte 536GGGGGThe Catcher in the Rye JD Salinger 214 GGGGGThe Jungle Book Rudyard Kipling 352 GGGGGAnimal Farm George Orwell 113 GGGGGTo Kill a Mockingbird Harper Lee 336 GGGGGThe Color Purple Alice Walker 300GGGGGThe Yearling Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings 528GGGGG

The Dark Tower: The Gunslinger Stephen King249GGGThe Shining Stephen King 528GGGThe Eyes of the Dragon Stephen King 384 GGGGNeedful Things Stephen King 731 GGGThe Damnation Game Clive Barker 448 GGGGGThe Silence of the Lambs Thomas Harris 352 GGGGG

The Bridges of Madison County Robert James Waller 224 GG The Picture of Dorian Grey Oscar Wilde 272GGGGGOn the Road Jack Kerouac 304GGGGGA Ring of Endless Light Madeleine L'Engle 352GGGGGSilas Marner George Eliot 208GGGGGThe Great Gatsby F. Scott Fitzgerald 180GGGGGBeing There Jerzy Kosinsky 160GGGGPride and Prejudice Jane Austen 480GGGGGNine Stories JD Salinger 320GGGGThe Scarlet Letter Nathaniel Hawthorne 130GGGGG

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