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Skellig by David Almond

The book is about a boy called Michael when he moves house his new house is old and they have an old garage that if you pushed it a little bit it moved and Michael wasn't allowed to go in it. But one day when his mum and dad aren't looking he goes in and finds a man, Michael asks ''what do you want to eat ?''and the man asks for numbers from the Chinese. One day Michael makes friends with the girl next door called Mina, she helps him move Skellig (the man, Michael found ) out of the garage but when they take his jacket off they see he has wings . . .

I like this book because of the phantom I like the way it was written as well I'd recommend this book to eight and upwards.

Happy Birthday Tyler!

On Where Pianos Roam

Officially, I became a bonafide, real uncle when he was born.  My Mom became a Grandmother, and my older sis become a Mom.  So much can change.  The world can shift is seismic ways when a child is born.  (Take that Jesus kid, for example.)

Surely enough, our lives haven't been the same since he walked in.  He's a very sweet kid.  Anyone who knows him can't help but like him.  (Girls his age, and some older ones for that matter, ADORE him.)

He's a talented athlete who happens to be good at math and drawing.  (He is half Asian, after all.)

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