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Dragon Rider by Cornelia Funke

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The book is about a dragon called Firedrake. He sets off to find a beautiful place known as the Rim of heaven. When he sets out, he lands on a city and picks up a boy, not knowing that Nettlebrand the Golden one had sent one of his spy's to tell him what was going on so he could follow them and kill the other dragons. On their jorney they find lots of people who'd never hurt a dragon and they become friends.

I liked this book because of the phantom and I loved the bit were they saw the blue djin because eyes are for looking out of not for looking into I'd recommend this book to five and upwards.

The Week In Pictures!!!

On Where Pianos Roam

This new weekly segment has got me taking photos everywhere!!  So let's get to it!! This has been a busy week .  .  . Of course last Saturday was Zumba-tastic!!!! On Monday, I went out to Hillsboro Village in downtown Nashville for a quick stroll and to purchase my inexpensive ticket for the Vienna Teng/Ben Sollee show at the Belcourt .  .  . Right in front of the Belcourt, I looked down to the ground, and I happened upon a curious object .  .  .  (Someone got lucky, I suppose.  LOL)  Hhhmm .  .  .  Strange huh? After buying my ticket I went around the corner to visit one of my favorite shops in the city.  It's called Pangaea.  Here's a photo of one of their awesome window displays .  .  . I can never go into this store without finding something I want to buy.  This visit was no different.  I was looking to see if they happened to have a dragon pendant, but they actually had something totally different but just as good that I had never seen anywhere else. I coveted it. I wanted it. Alas!!  Even though I knew I could afford it, I decided not to buy it.  It's probably looking cool around someone else's neck right about now.  I'm on a tight budget these days, and I can't afford unnecessary things.  (Gosh, it was so cute though.) Down the street, I went into one of the coolest used book stores in all of Nashville .  .  .  Book Man/Book Woman .  .  . Here's a photo of the inside .  .  . Here's a photo of the dragon of Hillsboro Village.  Isn't he a beauty? Then on Tuesday night, I went the Vienna Teng concert at the Belcourt Theatre (with cellist Ben Sollee opening). During the intermission, I got to be a big uber dork in all my lameliness when talking to Ben Sollee after his opening set.  Managed to take an awful blurry photo in the process .  .  . Then Vienna took the stage and had a glorious set.  I managed to sit out in front and get a view of her hands dancing on the keys .  .  . Then, I spent some time on Wednesday admiring the swanky new decal that my big sister Leth got me from Las Vegas .  .  . Of course, in my car, I've been listening to this all week .  .  . I do love me some Jason Mraz!! That's all for this week!!  More photos to come!! -gordo

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