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Moondial by Helen Cresswell

The book is about a girl called Minty. When she finds out how to open the door, to Moon-world, she saves some children, who are trapped inside Moon-time. Minty becomes friends with these children.

I like this book because of the way it is written and I like the way that the children in it are ghosts, (apart from Mint), but they look like children. The main characters are Minty and her friends. I'd recommend this book to seven and upwards because younger children might get nightmares.

I liked the way it was written because of the description of the characters so I could really imagine what the characters looked like. I liked the scene where she could skip to centuries in the past.

Moondial is very interesting because it is the first book that I have read which involves time travel. If you enjoyed reading Alice in Wonderland, or Bridge to Terabithia then I think you will enjoy reading Moondial.

A Light From God

On TheWayToDestiny.Com

This narrative took place about six years ago. This is a repost from 2008 with some general modifications.

Within five minutes of class I began to feel angry at myself. I had an exam to move on to the next level in Arabic within the hour, and I had not spent enough time studying. I had moved all the way to Cairo, to live my dream of studying Arabic, to finally understand the language of the Qur’an, and yet, here I was, unprepared for my exam.

My teacher caught on. “Are you feeling ok? Do you feel some pain?”

“Yeah…” I answered, hesitant to keep going, trying to get myself together, but needing someone to tell me: be patient, the road to knowledge is long and hard but worth it. I kept trying to tell myself that, but it was not working.

So I told her: I knew it was going to be hard, I was expecting difficulty, but man it’s hard, and man it’s difficult. I just need someone to tell me, I explained to her, that this is the way, and that knowledge is like this, that I can do it with God’s help.

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