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The Wolves of Willoughby Chase by Joan Aiken

On Reading Monkey

Sylvia was staying at her aunt Jane's house when she had to go to Willoughby Chase where her cousin Bonnie lived. She said goodbye to her aunt and stepped on the train. When she got to Bonnie's house, Bonnie's parents were just about to go on a voyage. When they do went on the voyage Bonnie and Sylvia were left with Miss Slighcarp and the trouble begins. First miss Slighcarp locked Bonnie in the cupboard but Sylvia found the spare key to the cupboard and unlocked Bonnie and then Bonnie and Silvia find a secret passage and through a spyhole they saw Miss Slighcarp burning Bonnie's father's will .Then miss Slighcarp sends them off to be maids …

I like this story because it has a lot of conversation and it is written beautifully and it is described beautifully too. The main characters are Sylvia and Bonnie. I'd recommend this book to seven and upwards because it has got a bit of cruelty in it.

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