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Long Way Home by Michael Morpurgo


The main charcters are George, Tom and Storme . The book is about George doesn't want to go to another foster family but Tom doesn't want him . One day they go of to the moor and onto the beach, but Storme wants to go to the stone circle. After they have swam for a bit, Storme asks if they can go to the stone circle, Tom says he's not going but George and Storme go on there own. First they were climbing a sunny hillside then there was mist all around them, they keep on climing and George sees a stone shape thing Storme runs ahead shouting then she cries, she cries again. George helps her up they sit together and wonder if Tom has found his way home and found help, he has. Mr and Mrs Dyer and Tom find Storme and George. Mrs dyer (Storme andTom's mum), carries Storme all the way home, she hurts her back and has to go to hospital. Mr Dyer can't handle them on his own so George gets sent home to a child minder .He runs away and finds his way to the farm . I liked this book because of the way the author wrote it . I'd recommend this book to 5 and upwards.

Building 8 "The Radio Broadcast"

On Wellington Street

“We will continue to report for as long as we can, though the weather here has become quite intense. As we look at the concrete here, it is clear something has been dragged across the pavement and into the building. The marks on the ground look like blood, but at this point that is purely speculation.

Alright folks, we are going into the building now. Must be...seventy, maybe a hundred years old. This report is being recorded with great personal risk. Whatever happens to me or my crew, we all believe that the truth must be found out. I hope you all agree.

Here we go. Into the house. The door does not appear to be unlocked, though it is clear that the lights are off, at least as far as we can see. I am opening the door far nothing. The main hall is very dark. It is...hard to make out anything. Air is heavy too. It is a little bit harder to breathe. We are passing through the threshold now.

The inside looks untouched, though we have learned to not trust these signs before. The entire place is coated in a layer of dust, the coverings on the furniture haven't been shifted...wait a minute. There is definitely some movement in here...seems like there is a man in one of the chairs. Very hard to make out. The only light we are getting is coming in through the windows. We don't want to provoke a reaction personal lighting is a no go.

We are approaching him now folks...air is heavier now....What...Good Lord. What did they do to his face? This is by far the worst specimen we have seen so far...sir...sir? We are here to help. We aren't armed. Please. We have a vehicle. We can get you...oh...Oh God Mike! What they hell is that in his hand?

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